Burn problems with 851S

Hi all,
I hope I’m in the right place…
I patched my ldw-851s with o/p 1.3.18 to 851s@832s. with f/w VSOE
Aplied the rec. tweacks, But I get alot of bad burns, I used ricochjpn01?(sony+r), cmc mag e01 (teon+r), maxell 8x, cant remember the code :sad:
Using dvd-shrink with nero all of them burning @ 8x, even the 4x ones. I even aplied the auto bitesetting, but something is wrong, I am getting alot of dvd’s that will play fine and later on start stuttering and freeze.
never had that problem with the original ldw-851s f/w. VSO8. it will just leave the bitesetting as dvd+r, so it didn’t read in some dvd players.
What can i do to make it burn better?

Thanks, Eli.

Hi, and welcome to the forum…

I’ve split your post from the OP thread into its own thread. Please read the posting guidelines announcement at the top of the forum (#6 in particular). It’s easier to fix a problem if we have a more complete picture.

Thanks for the reply,
For some reason nero gives me a message that it have to close infotool when i’m trying to save anything.
I’ll try later with some other tool.
Basically, nero see the drive as 832S with f/w VSOE with DL writing, it burns it and the final copied dvd shows as dvd movie.
Is the orange light that comes up from time to time have somethig to do with it?
If you need spessific information let me know, I thru out the bad dvd’s.


Okay. What about providing a disc quality scan?

Thanks, I did couple of pi/pif tests I’ll try to attache the files in .png and in .jpeg
let me know if it helps.

Thanks, Eli

Could you please do the scan at 4x using KProbe or CD-DVD Speed and post the attachment as a .PNG and not as a .JPEG? [thread=119042]Instructions[/thread]

Now I know what test to do and what tools to use.
I’ll try again.

Thanks, Eli

How about this one?
Am I chcking the right thing?

Hi code65536,
I aplied the pre-pached VSOE 851S@832S without changing a thing,
My burns works good now exept on A sampo dve-620 with the sampo dve-631CF F/W
installed on it (I have to eject the dvd few times before it loads) But no problem on the original sampo dve-631CF…
Anyway, The pre-pached VSOE seems to do a good job even on CMC MAG E01.
But I still having one problem with 8x Maxell+R (maxell002)
I’m getting strange loops on the dvd copy…Any ideas what’s going on?
BTW, how’s the last scan I posted looks? (good, Bad)