Burn Problems ! Plzzz HELP

I have 2 DVDs which work fine at my friends place…This means that the DVD have been burnt properly… But whe I try loading these on my Sony DVD Drive the Windwos file system shows that the disk is blank. :frowning: I evn tried using Isobuster but it was of no help…
The same 2 DVDs open perfectly fine at my friends place… All other DVDs work fine at my place too…
Please help me as to how can i read the data from these disks on my PC.
What should I do? :confused:

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What’s the type of files on these “non-working” DVD’s
Are you using any emulation software, like Alcohol or Daemon tools.

Are DVDs that don’t read -R media, and is the Sony 1 of the latest drives made by NEC? This is a pretty common problem for NEC drives with -R media including my NEC 3520A.

The Sony Drive is rewritable combo drive… I think its latest 1 as i hv bought it recently.
The DVD contains Data files. Its A DVD-R.
One of them has been burnt by Alcohol & other with some other DVD copy software.
I am using the windows file explorer to open the DVD. Also tried using Isobuster but none of the DVDs could b read .
They are working fine at 2 of my friends place.

[B]Is thr any patch i can download so that windows starts recognising these DVDs?
Or is thr any software wch will help me extract files from such DVDs?[/B]
Please help me out.

My Drive is : SONY DVD RW AW-G170A .
I havent set any region for the drive. Could tht b also a problem ?

There is no such patch because your burner should be able to read any burnt DVD-R without problems.

Maybe the DVD-R were written using something like InCD?
Then use a InCD reader…

Sounds like problem noted in my post #3 here. For details on this perplexing problem afflicting many NEC drives see http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=209168. Unfortunately getting another brand drive drive or other OS, such as Win98 or Vista, seems to be only fix found.