Burn problems on an LG drive with all discs? help!

Im having problems burning with my LG Drive. The discs are fine during and after the burning process and seem to play back ok on most devices but when I scan them with Nero CD/DVD Speed I get this,

Everything seems fine then there is a spike which throws the whole thing off!

It seems to be in the same ish place for all discs.

Any Ideas?

BTW. Im using Imgtoolburn 1.2.0 with Nero API on LG GSA-4167B with DL13 and discs from the SVP high speed test pack http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=139

Ritek G05 = no good media.
Your drive and/or discs might need cleaning.

You could also try other images and check whether the problem persists.

The first thing I can think of, is that Ritek G05 discs aren’t known for their longevity. Thankfully you only used one :slight_smile:

I’m guessing (and this is a guess) that it could be a firmware/chipset bug on the scanning drive causing that spike? I’m sure I read about a MediaTek chipset bug on here someplace. The one spike shouldn’t affect playability.

Just a theory…:slight_smile:

Is it just the discs from that pack which have the spike? If so, ignore the above.

It seems to be on all discs I burn. Although I havent checked a disc from before the firmware upgrade.

The drive is only a month old and discs burned with other drives and scanned on the sony drive don’t have the same fault!

There are many media types there not just G05.

Also none of the discs will burn a 16x. Only at 8x.

Check one - now you mention upgrading the firmware, it certainly looks like a firmware glitch. If a disc burned prior to the upgrade scans OK, then you know it’s more than likely a firmware glitch. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I will have to wait till tuesday cos my LG drive wont do quality scans and my Sony drive is at work.

BTW. I have orderred a Lite-On SOHW-1693s I can see you have one, How do you get on with it and whats it like for scanning?

It’s an excellent scanner and reader, and a very good burner with Codeguys’ KC4B firmware to help it along a bit :bigsmile:

With the Litey, and my LG in this PC, I feel I’ve got an excellent combination :wink:

Cheers! I will let you know how the scan goes!

BTW. any Ideas about the burn speed being only 8x on all 16x media?

Excellent. :slight_smile:

Not sure about the speed thing (except that Ritek G05 is 8x media…the rest are 16x, though).

With the CMC MAG AM3, it may be that it’s not fully supported by the firmware, I’ve heard that MID giving problems before.

Do you have the latest DL13 firmware?

I have a similar problem with my 4167, in that I can’t burn at 16x, either - my max is 12x. But I put that down to using a 40 wire IDE cable, rather than the usual 80 wire.

So, check your firmware, and post what cable you’re using (40 or 80 wire). :slight_smile:

I have DL13 firmware and I’m using an 80way cable.

All the disc’s are recognised as 16x and I can select 16x burn but as soon as it starts it drops the speed back down to 8x.

Still perhaps my new Lite-On drive will do better!

That’s pretty much the same thing that happens to me, except it climbs to 12x and stays there. Peculiar…

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How does a reading curve (transfer rate test) look? Does it show a slowdown at the place place where the spike is?

Have you scanned a DVD-ROM, or a disc burnt in a different drive than the LG, in your Sony?

Single spikes are, most of the time, scanning glitches. Better rule out a scanning issue before coming to the conclusion that it’s your LGburns that are the culprit… :wink:

I’m guessing a firmware glitch in the Sony. :slight_smile:

My LG4167 with DL13 firmware doesn’t show the same spike, although I do scan mine on a different drive.

DL13 should support CMCMAGAM3, RITEKF1, MCC03RG30 and TYG03 at 16x, at least according to the firmware itself, anyway. RITEKF1 might only burn at max 12x, but not just 8x.

Try doing a burst rate test with Nero CD Speed. You will need to have a disc which has already been written to in the drive to run the test. Observe what sort of burst rate value is reported. You will need at least 23MB/s or more for a 16x.

Thanks will do that on tuesday! I will let you know the results.

Also you could try scanning with KProbe using your Sony drive. As already mentioned there is a bug in certain versions of the Mediatek chipset used in LiteOn/Sony drives, and KProbe can remove the resulting spike the bug creates.

Download KProbe2 HERE

If your burst rate/DMA settings check out fine and the KProbe scans are no different I would try re-flashing both the LG and the Sony with the latest firmware and trying another burn (just to eliminate a bad flash as the cause).

Read the post on this forum called:
DVD quality tests on 2166D

Specifically, the comment by karangguni.

Referring to testing by Nero CD/DVD Speed
…- quality scanning is not supported by your drive (or for that matter, any LG writer). There isn’t anything you can do about it.

Uhh… Paul, he was doing quality scanning with his Sony drive, not his LG.