Burn problem w/ 4167B (DL12)



I have a new LG 4167B w/ FW DL12. It replaced a Pioneer A05 w/ FW 1.33. Anyway, I used Nero on the old A05 with no problems. I replaced the A05 with the LG 4167B and the LG will recognize pressed DVDs but Nero won’t allow me to burn DVDs. Both drives were the only drive set to master on the secondary IDE connector.

Below are screen caps of Nero Burning Rom. First two are for the A05 and the last two are for the LG.

Anyone know what it might be??


Perhaps it is an OEM version of Nero that doesn’t support drives from other manufacturers? You should try a current release or Nero.



No, it’s the full version of Nero. I was starting to think tho that maybe that older version of Nero doesn’t support dual layer burners? That is the only difference between the two burners. I’m new to dual layer DVDs so I’m sure it’s something real basic. I’m using 4x Princo (single layer) DVDs by the way. I know, those Princos aren’t the best (Verbatiums are on order).

Anybody have this LG 4167B drive or simular drive and what burning s/w are you using?


LG 4167B w/ FW DL12

First update your firmware to DL13
Next i mean that the nero 5.5 does not support the 4167b.
Nero 5.5 does not supported the DL NEC 2510 but the 2500 (NON DL SUPPORT) without any problem.

Try Nero 6 or higher.

Test it with an other burningsoft.

From ghosthunter

All this burningprogram support DL without any problem


Thanks. That’s what I thought. I will give those a try (not all, just one at a time until I have success).



the latest LG DVD writer, that is supported by Nero 5.5 is the 4160B. The newer drives starting from GSA-4163B are not supported. See http://www.nero.com/nero7/eng/recorders.php?manu=Hitachi+LG+Data+Storage&lang=en
Shouldn’t there be a copy of Nero 6.6 (Express) with your drive?



Ok, I tried ImgBurn last night and I was able to burn a DVD using the 4167B drive.

Yes, the drive did come with a copy of Nero 6.6 Express. I haven’t installed or tried it yet. I may try it out then decide if I need to burn the full version of the latest and greatest Nero? Anybody have any reviews of Nero 7.x??

Thanks all.


Last I checked, Nero 7.x was buggy and giving a fair number of people various headaches. They may have fixed it since then, but it is rather bloated and contains a lot of other stuff you don’t need. You’re also going to need a new license for that - the license for 6.x isn’t compatible with 7.x.

I’d just stick with 6.6 if I were you. The latest version of 6.6 was 6.6.14 when I checked Nero’s website last week. If the version that came with your 4167B isn’t that new, you can download a free upgrade to 6.6.14 from the Nero website.