BURN PROBLEM - Please Help

When I play any videos from my hard drive, the videos play fine (I usually view them with Quick Time). They have a smooth, uninterrupted execution on each video played. However, if I try to burn ANY of my videos onto recordable media such as onto a CD - either from the simple Windows utility or from Nero - when I play the videos back from the CD I just used to record them, there is a ANNOYING PAUSE throughout the entire videos about every 3 seconds. The pauses themselves are about 2 sec each. If, however, I transfer these same videos from my hard drive directly onto a flash (thumb) drive and play them from there, there are no pauses at all . . . just as “seamless” as when they’re played from my hard drive. Any suggetions as to how to remedy this?

When you burn with Nero, it produces a burn log, would you please post one of them, the latest one preferred.

Burn to DVD.

Obviously the standalone dislike VCD/SVCD or even the content (and how it were created) on a Data CD…
So creating a VideoDVD maybe can overcome this issue, but if the source is already crapped you cannot expect anything better.

Sounds like you need better media.
What brand of Media are you using?

Thank you all for your help.