Burn problem - BenQ 1620 OEM



I am getting fed up. I am having a problem with my BenQ 1620 drive. I bought the drive for myself at Christmas, but I haven’t had to burn a DVD until now (I use my Plexwriter Premium for burning CDs). Now that I have DVDs to burn, I am shocked to find out I can’t burn reliably. I purchased some Verbatim 8x DVD+R media, and every disc gave me a Session Fixation Error. I was using Easy Media Creator 7.0

After reading some forums in search of a solution, I ran across a couple of threads that suggested I uninstall all of my burning software, and reinstall. I uninstalled Easy Media Creator 7.0, and downloaded the Demo of Nero, just to give it a shot. Also, I found that I had the G7C9 firmware, so I downloaded and installed the latest firmware (G7V9). Also, I puchased some Memorex 4x DVD+R and DVD-R media to give a try. While I had a good burn with one of the +R and one good burn with a -R, I was not able to get a reliable result.

As I have a SATA Hard Drive, I decided to move the burners to their own IDE slot. My BenQ 1620 is now the Primary Master, and the Plextor Premium is the Secondary Master. Also, I noticed the IDE cable that used to connect both drives look damaged. I picked up a new 80pin cable for each drive, and plugged them in.

I found a good deal on TDK 8x +R media, and bought a 50 pack. After going through about 15 discs now, I have had maybe 3 good burns. By good, I mean burns that finished. Nearly every disc I burn either has a Write Error, or a Session Fixation Error. The Session Fixation Errors are showing up at the beginning of the burn, and the Write Errors can pop up anywhere, although they are usually at the very beginning of the burn. Another thought, I have never tried to burn faster than the disc was designed for.

I know I can’t have this bad of luck with media, so I am thinking my drive may be bad. I don’t think I have the original stuff that came with the drive (IDE cable, manual, software, etc). I moved into a different house, and most of my stuff is still scattered everywhere. This may make it hard to return, so I am hoping somebody here has a suggestion for me.

Edit: I just realized I still have Plextools 2.18 installed. Would that cause any problems with non Plextor drives on the system?


Before you do anything else, I would flash to either G7T9 or to retail B7V9 and try again. Many people including myself, have had numerous problems with G7V9. You should also get hold of some more 8X media as you might have a bad spindle. Check your DMA settings to make sure you’re not in pio mode and also only have one burning software package installed (I personally find Nero the best).


TDK media has been hit or miss lately. There seems to be some quality control issues since many people have reported burning coasters with them at the videohelp.com forum. I would suggest you crossflash your drive to the “B” firmware by downloading the WinDXFLASH.exe file and B7P9 CVT.file from this site:

Then you will be able to flash the drive with any official “B” firmware from the Benq website. You could flash the drive to the latest firmware which is B7V9. Purchase better brands of 8x dvd media like MAXELL, FUJI (TY) & VERBATIM (MCC). MEMOREX uses different media codes. It has been reported from cdrlabs.com that PRODISC media produces coasters when using the 1620.

Remember make sure you have no media in the drive when you’re flashing it, turn off all software running in the background and you may flash in SAFE MODE.

I have PLEXTOOLS installed on one of my pc’s which doesn’t have any problems with the BENQ 1620 burning.


I was under the impression that the OEM and Retail firmwares were identical. This is not the case?


In all cases except G7V9, they are the same but there are lots of reports of problems with G7V9 which do not appear with the retail firmware B7V9. Nearly all new Benq 1620’s, whether retail or OEM are now being shipped with B firmware which seems to suggest that Benq will not be updating G firmware for much longer. Also, B firmware appears months before the equivalent G firmware therefore it is to your advantage to crossflash to B. Also, your drive will then show up as Benq DW1620 instead of Atapi … etc.


I will try cross-flashing when I get home from work tonight, although I really don’t think it is the firmware, since I had the problem with the older version of the firmware as well.


Hmm, let me tell you how it went when I first got my (rebadged) BenQ 1620. Draw your own conclusions. :wink:

I forget the firmware, it was generic. First try (with Nero), burn failed, I forget the specifics. Second try, okay burn, took nearly an hour, quality 93, IIRC. Third try, coaster again.

Alright, I was ready to uninstall Nero anyway, as it buggered other burning programs like TDA and even DVDDecrypter, also because of rare buggy behaviors. Yes, for many folks Nero works fine, but at this point I mistrusted it. My burner came with RecordNow, so I wiped all traces of Nero and installed that instead. Next I downloaded and installed QScan and BenQ’s bitsetting utility. Then flashed to G7P9. Then used the bitsetting utility to set it to burn +Rs as ROM.

Next I ripped and compressed a DVD with DVDShrink, and specified it create an ISO. I put a blank in and opened QScan and let it tell me what burn speed it recommended. Then opened DVDDecrypter, ISO Write, entered the burn speed, 8x IIRC, hit burn. No problems, and it completed in the expected time. And no coasters since, -R, +R, doesn’t matter, probably a hundered videos since, and quite a few RW data discs (with RecordNow).

Sooo, what fixed the problem? [shrug] Not willing to express an opinion. But you could try the same procedure. BTW, I’m still using G7P9, why change? Good luck. :slight_smile:


Crossed flashed to Retail. Using B7T9 at the moment. 3 successful burns in a row, no coasters. I will try burning more discs before I hit the sack.


Good to hear you crossflashed your drive! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I am at work now, so I don’t have access to my scans. I made a few more DVDs last night. No coasters. However, after the first few burns, the scans started getting really bad (regardless of the media). The first couple scans were fine. The last few were horrible. I forget if I saved them or not. I will post more tonight.


Sorry, but what do you guys mean…crossflash drives and B7T9 and G7P9…I am having major issues with my Burners and maybe I’m doing something wrong or not doing something?


TDK has definitely been a crap shoot lately. The Verbatim +R discs should surely give you a nice scan in the 90% range.