Burn prob with clone dvd2

]can someone please help

when i burn a dvd the sound/picture is superb but the films keep either stopping or stuttering on playback on my dvd player. i am using mitsubishi dvd+r discs mcc type03 and burning then with a sony dvdrw dw-q85a burner.

this is really annoying and im waisting a lot of discs.

thanks for any help

Every time I had this it was cheap media try Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim that is all I use now because of this problem.

mitsubishi should be good but I have not used them I would try one of the brands above and see if they work.

Have you tried burning at a slower speed or playing them in another dvd player.
also have you cleaned your dvd player lens

@samlar, you just suggested the same media that he’s using. verbs ARE mitusbishi manufactured MCC003.

assuming your media is fine, what speed did you burn at and and what firmware do you have for your burner?

be sure you have the latest firmware and burn at the rated speed of your media and try again.

thaks for that

my firmwares up to date - do you think it could possibly be memory-ive got 512mb


512 should be fine unles you’re multitasking in the background.

try a burn with ALL background processes and applications shut off (go to the task manager and terminate anything in the processes tab that isn’t necessary for the computer to run) then start the burn and walk away from your computer until it finishes.

even something as simple as web browsing while burning can cause issues for some people.

if f/w is up to date (check, media is good (check), burn speed is normal (check) then background processes and/or multitasking is the only suggestion I’ve got left up my sleeve haha.

reasons is right on not doing anything else. I messed up a couple of discs just opening Windows Explorer because when you do that, Windows accesses all your drives to check their content, and the DVD burner would freeze for a few seconds when that happened.