Burn prob w/ QSI SBW-241


I’m having problems with the CD burner QSI SBW-241, which is a CDRW/DVD combo drive in my laptop.

For a long time I’ve been able to burn CDs without any problem and recently I’m having trouble with that. I haven’t been burning much and downloaded Knoppix (a bootable CD that runs a Linux distribution). However, when I tried to boot from the CD I had read errors.

I tried burning an ordinary data CD with Nero (version and do a data check afterwards (using Nero), receiving read errors.

When trying to read a burnt CD (with the QSI burner) in Windows, I get CRC errors. If I try to read the CD in other CD drives I get the same errors. I don’t seem to have problems reading discs though.

Thus basically, I don’t seem to be able to burn discs.

I’m using Lifetec Premium Silver 80 minutes CD’s for burning. These have always worked without a problem so I don’t expect the media to be a problem.

Eager to receiving your response,

Tom van Dijk.

You might want to try some other CD-R discs anyway; the discs you are using might be causing the problem. Sometimes, there will be good discs and bad discs in the same spindle.

The reason why many people are having problems with this burner is do to the fact that they are using the wrong CDs. QSI, which is a sub-company developped by Lucent Technologies, created combo drives that worked with only certain cd-r discs. The reason for the lack of compatibility is due primarily to the economy and business politics. QSI did not purchase the licence to conform compatibility with most cd-r discs. Even though they do not have the license, they do have the compatibility with all cd-rw discs and most DVD-R discs. Below are the discs that work and the discs that do not work, or have problems reading when using the QSI SBW-241 drive. Certain discs from certain manufacturers work better than others. Some work so well that they allow the drive to write at its MAX speed of 24x.

Working CDs and DVDs (Excellent Quality and Speed usage):

  1. Verbatim Data Life Plus (AZO and Super AZO brand CD-R)
  2. All Sony Brand CD-R
  3. HP CD-R
  4. Ricoh Platinum CD-R
  5. All Kodak CD-R
  6. FujiFilm CD-R
  7. Toshiba CD-R
  8. All CD-RW discs
  9. All DVD-R discs
  10. All DVD-RW discs

Does NOT WORK!!! (Burn problems and read problems):

  1. Maxell CD-R
  2. Memorex CD-R
  3. SmartBuy CD-R
  4. Plextor CD-R
  5. Minor Name CD-R
  6. No Name CD-R
  7. All DVD±R dics
  8. All DVD-RAM discs

If a certain brand or type of disc is not listed above, then it has not been tested on this drive. You may wish to test it yourself or use one of those discs listed in the Working CDs and DVDs section mentioned. For optimal performance including the usage of the full 24x speed of this drive use: Verbatim Super AZO CD-R
or Sony Brand discs or any CD-RW disc.