Burn powerISO image?

Just wondering if anyone here knows how to burn a PowerISO image to a DVD. I have Oblivion 4 (both disks) in 2 powerISO images. I tried burning the first one using Clone DVD, but when I insert the disk into another computer it says it is in an unrecognizable format. Any suggestions would be appreciated =)

Do your original discs have any form of copy protection on them?

What form of image file is it - a DAA?

If so, you may try converting it from DAA to ISO or something similar and give it another shot (maybe on a DVD-RW or DVD+RW to avoid wasting disks).

I’ve had a LOT of trouble with .DAA stuff and just wish that format had never been created. :frowning:

(yeah, I’m biased)

BTW, I have had great luck with ImgBurn, the free util from LightningUK. Might be worth a look, I reckon’.

.DAA is a proprietary PowerISO format, so that’s what you’ll need to convert or burn it.

But can’t you use PowerISO to convert it to ISO and then use another app to burn that “Standard” ISO?

PowerISO itself is unable to burn .daa images, surprisingly.

Maybe the ‘daa’ format itself is just a variant of another existing compression format, with enough changes to make it unreadable to any other software.

DAA is indeed a compression format for images. When you use the Burn option in PowerISO, it first converts (decompresses) the file and then burns it.

Apparently the original poster does not own a registered copy of PowerISO.

The trial version has limitations, including limits on the file size that it will process.

It may be possible that the images are larger than the trial version allows.

Sounds like he needs to acquire a registered version of PowerISO or he is stuck with the file that he probably downloaded.

Hate them proprietary formats. :frowning:

Convert it to ISO if at all possible and chuck that PowerISO over the side. :slight_smile: