Burn pauses and freezes

not sure if this is the place to post this?
anyways here goes…
lately having problems with burnt dvds…
freezes and pauses usually near end.sometimes even lock up,do the same in computer too???
using dvd shrink,nero,dvd fabdecrypter when necessary
tried verbatim,maxell,sony at 4x and 6x
not sure whats up?have had lots of sucessful burns prior???
any help would be greatly appreciated

I am new to DVD burning and without much success, but I have experienced [B]Nero Express freeze[/B] while burning .avi files to DVD. In this situation, Nero’s “abort” function fails, and must be terminated with MS Task Manager. Nero never gives an error message. :frowning:

[U]I found my .avi files had video corruption [/U] (psychedelic colors on a B&W movie, or mere blocks of wrong colors) [U]for 15-40 sequential frames.[/U] Nero apparently chokes on this sequence, while Windows Media Player plays on. :bow:

I am using a LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-160O6S burner. (2 weeks old)
Windows XP SP2 // AMD 2800 // 512 MB RAM.
Nero Express (exclusively, for now.)

(for what its worth)

@moeandlori@person sounds like new copy protection, update your program/ use anydvd :wink:

@SpaceTrekerTry closing down some unwanted programs to save ram space, and if the problem still persists, try burning some other avi files, and see if they work, then post back here

Despite having tried multiple different types of (good) media, I believe it’s probably caused by poor burn quality. It could be the media, the burner, the firmware, …

What is the model of your burner? What’s the firmware version? What’s the media code of the discs that are giving you problems? All of this info can be accessed by using Nero CD-DVD Speed, it’s a free program if you don’t have it already.

You can also test the burn quality of your discs using Nero CD-DVD Speed as well.

Well, I have had some success! Problem was that 3 of the first 4 avi files I tried to burn [U]were corrupted[/U]. I ran those trials without any other apps running. Nero did a very good job on the next 6, so I’m guessing the RAM was sufficient. I’m impressed and pleased with the results. (but I really did want those other 3 files…) :wink: Thanks for your input [B]haveacigar[/B].

I guess it’s also bad media. At the original poster try some other brands like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

Read what is posted! He is not burning a .avi file, he is using DVD Shrink which copies the Video_ts from from his DVD to the hard disk. What application were you using when this happens- Nero Burning Rom/Express, Nero Vision or Nero Recode? What is the make & model for the recorder?