Burn pause in dao mode

hi all,

little prob :), i have a 121032a and was havin no probs with it, i upgraded from win98se to xp and was running fine. then probs with xp forced me to do a reinstall over the top and then it all started. everytime i use clonecd or nero in dao mode, it writes for about 4-5 secs flashing(orange) then it pauses(green led) for a couple of secs as thou it buff underrun then repeats this cycle till end of burn!! its causing no probs to burn apart from my time has gone from about 5-6 min a disk to 10-15 min. i new of this prob in win98 when dma wasnt enabled but in xp it say multi word dma mode 2.i have about same time as reinstall connected a liteon 16x dvd to my sys wondered if that was prob? got latest via 4in1 installed n aspi 4.60 n plex 1.09 bios , it prob summet simple but i dont no my way round xp fully yet!! it works fine in nero in tao but obv clone dont have that setting!!

thanx in advance


I’m almost certain that you’re having a DMA problem. Windows XP is known to have some problems with MultiWord DMA Mode 2 devices such as your Plextor 12X drive. In the Plextor FAQ on this forum you can find more information. Please check if that answers your question. If not please ask again :wink:

thanx 4 reply m8 , but no joy tried all in help etc but no go. only thing i did which changed was installed xp’s own ide driver n it detected my drive as dma, but still paused :(. ne more info would b appreciated :wink:


Trash the XP ,and move to Win2k Pro , your life will be easier .

win2k wont b very good with the gameing side thou will it??? also if it worked ok when i upgraded,the install i did ova top must av changed a setting ??? how can i manually assign the dma mode in xp ne1 no?? there must b a registry change i can make to get it back to how it was when i upgraded??

thanx all


Have you tried reading through this thread? It describes the same problem as you’re having and as I also experienced with my old Plextor PX-W1210TA drive (which I now don’t use anymore). The easiest way to get Windows XP recognize UDMA for your drive it to delete the appropriate IDE-channel and let XP re-install it after a restart. This has also been described in the FAQ. It can be very frustrating, I know… Nowadays I only use drives that fully support UDMA mode 2 and I’ve had no more problems since.