Burn pal region 2 dvd to ntsc region 1 dvd

I have a dvd in PAL region 2 format which I bought in Europe
I live in a region that uses NTSC region 1 (the same as USA)
I have searched and searched for a way to burn the original DVD to a DVD-R with option to change the format and region to NTSC region 1
I have been reading and reading without any luck.
I’ve tried using CloneDVD and AnyDVD and it still burned the DVD in PAL region 2 format which of course doesn’t play in my DVD player
Is there anyone who knows how to do this or can tell me if it is even possible

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Maybe the only way is to re-encode all movie.
Try to use DVD-Rebuilder, a free tool.

This require a MPEG encoder (TMPGEnc or Cinema Craft or other), a very fast CPU, and a lot of time, but give best results in quality.

I don’t know if rebuilder is able to change region, but it’s can done with DVD shrink. Once you obtained a DVD with rebuilder, then you can convert movie into region 1 or also in region free with shrink without any compression or transcoding

Your best bet is to buy an inexpensive DVD player that can play both formats/regions. There have been threads on converting PAL to NTSC but from what I have read the results can be problematic.