Burn option is disabled

I recently bought a BENQ 1640, which came with a Nero OEM suite CD, including Nero Express Everything installed fine, but the burn option in Express is disabled. I figured maybe I needed to put in a serial number, so I looked around on the Nero website, and saw something that said that the serial number may be on the back of the envelope that the CD came in, but mine was just plain white. I contacted the vendor (Newegg), and they sent me a whole new package including a new drive. Nice, but now I have 2 1640s and 2 Nero cd’s and I still can’t burn anything.

I have a feeling that doing something stupid or missing something obvious, but I’m at a loss. Any help that anyone can offer will be appreciated.

p.s. I installed it using the “Install Suite” option, which showed me a screen including a serial number. I even tried recording this serial number and entering it later, but that made no difference.

nevermind. I’m an idiot.

oh do plz tell :slight_smile:

not to make fun of you or anything - we’ve all made mistakes / overlooked the simplest things at some times

You probably hadn’t chosen a recorder from the list or something eh? :wink:

No serial required for oem drives as the software will only work with drives it came with.Did you find ur drive in select burner??

Have OEM verson came with IOMAGIC, please help…what was the solution???