Burn Only At 4x?

Hello, I have a Toshiba Dvd-cd burner, SD-R5372, which on more than one occasion, will burn certain ‘brands’ of disks at only 4x. I usually get Verbatim, or Imation Dvd-r’s, which will burn at 8-16x or greater, but today I bought Magnavox, Memorex, and Staples in store brand dvd-r’s and they will only burn at 4x, although they say they will burn at 16x. I use Nero(updated) to burn with. I also updated the firmware also. This is an irritating problem as many of you know. I get the Verbatims/Imations when they are on sale, and those are fine, but the others should work at higher speeds too. Thank you for any tips, tricks, suggestions on this problem!


The drive’s firmware is most likely limiting the burn speed due to the marginal media quality.

The simple solution is to only use high quality media, that isn’t to say that you can’t get good results with marginal media. But why use marginal when you know there is better stuff available?

I find that using 4x gives you a much better burn with no errors at all.
Takes a bit longer but does it right.

AD123, first a late welcome. :slight_smile:
Go for quality media as suggested by brokenbuga because Toshiba can be rather picky.
In addition there is an (old) supported media list here.

To identify your media’s ID, use CD-DVD Speed “Disc Info” or DVDIdentifier. :wink: