Burn on the fly?



Is there anyway to burn on the fly (copy from dvd reader to dvd burner) wth DVDFAB platinum? If so please explain… tired of waiting 1.2hrs for it to copy to HD then to dvd burner


I think you probably need to look into why it’s taking so long.

Check the DMA status of all your devices firstly.


I wish someone would respond to this. I’m not having issues, I’d just like to learn how to do it!!



I don’t have DVDFAB but you will need a faster ripper than burner. In other words rip at 12X or 16X with one drive and burn at 8X with your burner. You have to keep the ripper feeding info faster than burning other wise the buffer will run out and the disc will be ruined. It’s tricky.


Very unlikely that you can do that as at sometime the HD will need to be used to act as a buffer. Also ripping to HD results in the number of coasters because some DVD have bad reads near the end.


No, not to my knowledge. Fab is configured to create an image (temporary at least) to the hdd regardless of how you rip.
Not to lecture, but I agree with Mack. Copying video files on the fly predisposes errors.


I’ve burned on the fly a few times and all was good. I don’t do it very often though. Friend of mine burns on the fly a lot. This is with SL DVD’s though. I don’t see any mention of doing it with DL’s.


I certainly wouldn’t risk it with a DL, with the price of those.

Either way, I agree with Maineman and Mack regarding Fab.


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I like my low coaster count :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually i did copy a DL to DL and it worked fine but not using DVDFAB.


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Let the coasters fly lol I just picked up a 50 pk of Varbatim DL MKM-001 MIS so maybe i’ll give it a shot.


Well, in my options, if the source disc is in perfect reading condition, it’s possible to Clone it on-the-fly from DVD reader drive to DVD writer drive without temp files, although there is risk to make a coaster. Anyway, it’s a choice, so we may add it in the future versions.


I doubt going from DL to SL on the fly would be possible?


It’s a good question :slight_smile:

I cannot tell you if it’s possible now, maybe later.


Well i would consider purchasing your software if you get that working :slight_smile: Right now i have so much software i really don’t need another but if you can… :slight_smile:


I agree nothing impossible in the wild imagination of the man.


No no no no no Please No on the fly rip/burn. Can you even imagine the volume of posts about why won’t this work with my Win98 P3 and 5 year old optical drives,blah blah blah. It hurts my typing fingers (both of them) to even contemplate.