Burn of the year! :-)

hehe… I couldnt resist. I have some low quality NANJA media here, that shouldnt be burned more than 2.4x, though its 4x media.

OK, i usually burn them at low speed, but, by a mistake i had on MAX speed in PRASSI ONES, and since i Used my BENQ1620, well, it wanted to try burn it on 16x … haha! Well, it started at 7x then went up to 11x or something before a dramtic drop down to 6x.

Look at the result:

You can actually see on the disc burn errors look at that big strange spot when the layer switch color. (why did it switch color? Looks like it did when went from 11x to 6x)

Ofcourse the dvd is completly unreadable.

Anyone else seen something like this?

Ohh. After 8% scan of the media it reported about 30 000 read errors. LOL

I’m curious, how did you manage to select 16X speed for that 4X media on the BenQ?

And yeah, i’ve seen similar to the marks on your media, i did it with some test firmware on the NED-3500A with a FUJIFILM03 speeded to 16X

hehe… Well, running latest firmware on benq1620 it let me choose it… I have no idea why :slight_smile:

Benq was probably confused on what media it was :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch the change of colours in layer too… I burned 4.37gig on them. But it looks like its 50% because of the color change.

Anyways, reason it did so, is that I have media from FORTIS 8x with mediacode NANJA and they burn OK 16x

These super crap media here has NANJA mediacode too, thats why it tried 16x in first place.