Burn .nrg VB Example

Anyone got an example of how to burn a .nrg image file?

I’m wanting to do this in Visual Basic and I have only found some C+ examples.


There’s an example using NeroCOM included in the Nero SDK.

That is in C#…I’m trying to find something in VB.

Thanks. I will look at the code and see if I can convert it to VB.

I used a NeroClass object and called GetDrives to get all the drives on the system and assign them to a NeroDrives object. Then I assigned one of the drives to an INeroDrive3 object and a _INeroDriveEvents_Event object (both objects assigned to the same drive). I used the INeroDrive3 object to call BurnImage2, which you can just pass the filename of the image you want to burn. Then I have event handlers hooked to the _INeroDriveEvents_Event object to catch the OnDoneBurn event.

I originally had it working while running under the VB.Net environment just using a single NeroDrive object, but I was getting InvalidCastException’s when I ran it on my production environment, so I had to use this work around of using two different interfaces.

Can you post your code, I can’t seem to get this to work.