Burn NFS for PS2 using DVD Decrypter

I have been trying to burn NFS undergound using DVD Decrypter and been not so successful… can someone help me out with this??

Are you trying to make a backup of your original?
Is your ps2 modded?

thanks for the reply dude… to be frank i dont have a clue about playstations and burning dvds… just trying to learn from scratch here… so far the picture is i have a sony ps2 and have downloaded nfs underground from kickass torrents… now this file is getting burnt on a dvd alright but when i play it on my ps2, i get a screen error saying it cant read the disc… i have used nero as well as dvd decrypter for burning the discs…

Unfortunately we cannot discuss copyright protected material that is downloaded off the torrent sites. Please review the rules of the forum regarding copyrighted programs before posting again.

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