Burn Nero DVD Numbers Display in Upper Right Hand Corner



Super newbie to the whole burning DVDs…so bear with me

Using Nero

I am doing a straight copy of .AVI movie files to a DVD. When the movies play in my DVD player there is a timer (counter) displayed in the upper right hand corner of the movie on the screen.

Is there a setting that I can turn this off?

Much thanks in advance for your help!!!



What you’re playing I think is an illegal screener copy of the movies. This counter display was a common way of identifying screeners.


Its just odd that when I view the .avi through Real Player or WMP I do not see the counter. It only visible when I view it after its burned. I believe it has to do with the software…


Try fast forwarding it & see what the counter does. I’ve never heard of Nero or any other burning software doing anything like this.

As a test try CDBurnerXP Pro & create you data DVD with that.


Thanks Tim, I will give it a try.

Much Thanks!!!