Burn music videos to DVD



I have some videos I took of concerts and from a DVD that I would like to burn sections to a DVD. Do I need a special program? Is that possible.
I’m fairly new at this so I need lots of help


You can do this with a program called WinAVI as long as you have all the seperate files cutout already. WinAVI will convert most video files (if the codecs are installed) It will convert them into a DVD which you can then burn with Copy To DVD. If the end files are to big Use DVD Shrink to shrink them and then burn with DVD Shrink.
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Most of the are saved as wmv
(2) as avi
(1) mov

there are (2) that are really big files. For these I need to shirnk first?
Is there a special CD that I need to buy to burn them?


yeah just convert it with winavi and if its too big to fit on dvd use dvd shrink and find a burning program that is able to burn those types of files. all the files i mean not just 1 all of it.


Is there a better program to burn to DVD. I really would like one where I could take clips from several different vidoes and burn into a DVD.

Thanks for all you help


If the AVI properties are the same, you can append one to the other using a program such as VirtualDub. Once you have one AVI file, you can convert it to DVD files and burn them to a DVD with DVDSanta.