Burn multiplt songs on a disc, HELP!

I have got a cd that someone had given to me ages ago that has several albums on a disc.

I’ve tried converting the music to a smaller file size and burning it using data disc, but its still the same, you can only fit the amount of minutes on a disc whether the file size is smaller or bigger.

Is there anything i can do to get about 40 songs written on a disc?

Also, most of the albums i burn have copyright protection. I use Nero at the minute and that copy’s my music but is there any other software that can burn copyright music?

Thank you

careful on bringin up copy protection…they make a big stink about it in here…but…EAC
or Cdex will do the trick…:wink:

as far as 40 songs on a disc as a music disc…no u can’t get any more on there…80 minutes is 80 minutes…file size doesn’t matter…hope this helps

If your CD-player supports MP3 and/or WMA playback, you can convert the songs into one of these formats (with the programs mentioned above) and burn them to a data disc. A good quality MP3 song is something like 5 to 10 MB, so you can fit about 100 songs on a 700 MB CD. :slight_smile: