Burn multiple cds to one dvd

First i would like to apologise if this has been posted before.

Can someone educate me on the following.

I would like to burn say for example autoroute 2005 onto one dvd, its has 2 cds. So basically if i do a full install it will do it one go and not prompt for the second cd etc etc

Or for talking sake Doom 3 onto one dvd it has 3cds and again do a full install with out prompting for second and third cds etc etc

If someone could show me or point me to a thread that shows how to do this i would be a happy bunny ya :slight_smile:

The problem is not so much the transfer of data to the DVD, but the way the software is written to request the next disc.

If it comes up with an option to browse for the location of the next cd then you are OK. If it simply waits for you to put the right disc in the drive, and refuses to allow any options, then you are stuck.

Many games will not run from DVD due to copy protection on the original CD.

A method I use for s/ware install is to burn .ISO, .MDS or other CD image files onto the DVD as 2 or 3 data files (1 per cd), then use Daemon Tools to mount each image in turn, as the request is made. This works with just about everything, as the CD image files can contain the necessary copy protection within them and it is emulated in Daemon Tools.