Burn Multiple CD's into a DVD

I have a question and i searched everywhere and couldn’t find a clear answer.I want to ask if there is a way to burn multiple cd’s into a dvd.And i explain myself,for example in a 4gb dvd you can actually put at about 5 cd disks of 700mb. The problem is if there is a way to put a 3 cd game for example and another 1 cd game to one dvd and from there and to choose what to install for example. Or to put 2 1cd games and another 2cd game for example.I think you understand what i mean.Like to integrate 4 different cd’s into one dvd. So i want to know if there is a way to do something like that and when you put the dvd in the drive to have the ability to distinguish what is what.And what happens for example when the application prompts you to insert the 2nd cd for example to continue the install, if you have all the disks into the dvd is there a way to make that or somehow to fool the installation to think that there is this cd in that directory for example?
I heard that there is a way to do that but i could’t find anywhere any information.I hope you will help.

I recently answered the exact same type of question. Find my answer here.

OK thanks Ssseth i didn’t note it

No problemo. It’s just easier to link to it rather then answer again :stuck_out_tongue: