Burn multiple cd iso's to dvd



Firstly Hi everyone :cool:

I’m hoping someone might be able to help me out, I’ve downloaded 5 cd iso’s (Suse Linux 9.3) and I’d like to convert them into a single dvd iso if this is possible ?
I’ve googled for an answer but all I have found so far is a Linux method, I use XP as my main o/s and really would prefer a method using XP.
I have Nero, Alcohol 120 and Ultra ISO.

Many thanks


just burn the five ISOs as data files to a DVD-ROM.


Is it that simple, will the dvd be bootable and will the Linux install look for the files on the dvd instead of asking for the next cd ?


didn’t know you wanted the DVD to be bootable…sorry. perhaps someone familiar with linux installs can help.

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Why didn’t you just download the DVD iso? I did the other night and have had no problems with it.

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well there ya go.


The dvd of i386 is a live (non install) version, the full Suse 9.3 dvd isn’t available yet. http://forums.linuxiso.org/viewtopic.php?p=134352#134352


My DVD is indeed a live version and I just booted it up on my backup machine and there is an install option once booted. I prefer live CD’s or DVD’s in this case because I just play with Linux and haven’t yet dedicated a machine to it.

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I downloaded the 5 Suse linux ISOs and I was going to post the exact same question today.