Burn .MPG to vcd?

hi guys, i’m new here and i wonder how i can burn .MPG to a VCD so i can see it in my DVD-player…

i have just converted my .AVI file (699MB) to a .MPG file(383MB)

Help plz

Not something I do, but I found some tools and a guide for you.


There are links in that guide to the two tools that are used. Most people have gone on to dvd format instead of vcd, so a lot of the information about them is dated from five years ago.

that doesn’t work… any better? program

What did you convert the avi to mpeg with? I believe the free version of TMPGenc was commonly used for this. Its output should work with the tools in that guide.

Nero Vision always had an option for making vcd’s and svcd’s. If you have Nero that is another option.

But like I said, not something I do. Maybe someone else will have some more programs to try.

actually i used a program called: WM converter…

and about Nero vision how long does it take to burn?

Look at step 6 of this tutorial.

[Note: If you’d rather use burnatonce, you’ll need to process the files with something like VCD Easy first.]