Burn MPEGs onto CD and get no audio

Hi all, I’ve burned some MPEGs (MPEG-2)(from movies I shot from my Sony Handicam) onto a CD using Windows DVD Maker. The CD plays great on my computer, but when I pay it on another laptop I get no audio. What gives? I’ve also tried the HP MediaSmart DVD on my computer to no avail.

See if VLC or Media Player Classic HomeCinema can play it on the other laptop. They are free media players that can play virtually anything.


But these are CDs (vacation movies) I want to give to other family members. Shouldn’t they be able to play them on their computers or TVs?

When you say you’ve burned to a cd, do you actually mean a 700mb cd, or are you burning to a blank dvd? There is a major difference between a video cd (VCD or SVCD) and a dvd-video.

The other laptop may not have the necessary audio codec needed to play the movie. VLC is self contained, which is why I suggested it, and will probably play it on the laptop that is giving trouble.

Have you tried the disk in a stand alone dvd player yet?

Yes, a 700mb CD-R (Memorex 52x). I also tried playing it on my DVD player (Sony DVP-NC85H) and it won’t recognize it.

I downloaded VLC and don’t know where to begin with this. I open up one of my movies on it and the click on convert/save and it gives me all these options that don’t mean anything to me. I look at the documentation and it doesn’t really explain how I differentiate between these options and choose. Burning my movies to a CD so I can send it to the In-Laws should not be this difficult.

Thanks for your input and time Kerry.

As far as the Sony DVP player, maybe it doesn’t support the CDs video content/format… Is it .mpg or .wmv?..Stick the CD in working PC and let us know the specs…Use Mediainfo or G-spot to ID and find what codec (s) are [I]needed[/I] to play properly on non-working PCs, as noted above…

To open the CD with VLC use the ’ Media tab-> Open File’-> My Computer, and navigate to the CD/DVD drive…

OK, I downloaded MediaInfo. Which specs do you want here? I have 3 mpgs and 1 avi in my folder that I want to burn. I view one of my mpgs and it says this under general info: 1 video stream: MPEG video, 1 audio stream: AC-3. I also see under Codec/string:MPEG/PS. Where exactly do I find the info to tell me what codec (s) are needed to play?

Well since you said this, “The CD plays great on my computer, but when I pay it on another laptop I get no audio”…

As Kerry stated, most likely the non-working PC/laptop needs an audio codec…Install ac3 filter or use VLC or Media Player Classic HomeCinema to play…