Burn MP3s to Original Track Numbers Within Folders: How To?


I have been trying to get burn of multiple MP3 albums inside folders to play in their original track order instead of by their ripped numerical order (ie. they play as: 1,10,11,12,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12.

How do I adjust this within Nero 6?

BTW- I am using an OEM version in case that is a limitation. Thanks.

They play in alphabetical order. ‘10’ comes after ‘1’. pad the numbers with zero(s).

PS, search for my post on software that can automate that process.

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Are you referring to Playlist Unpacker, a Winamp plugin? If so, what version of Winamp do you use as I haven’t used that app for some time now.

If not, how far do I need to go back in your posts? Thanks.

That’s the one. Works with version 2 and up. Just install it and right click the ‘LIST OPTS’ chicklet in the playlist to use it.

Just to clarify: when I enter the config area do I adjust any of the settins? Or just the defaults? Not sure on a couple of the options. Thanks for your help.

to keep them in playlist order, use the ‘Extended’ option of ‘Format output…“PL01”…to keep…sequence’. I haven’t worked with the ‘Folders’ options at all, I usually just sort the songs by album in WinAmp and burn them all as one directory on the CD.


The Unpacker plugin causes an app failure with the dreaded ‘* has encountered a problem and needs to close.’ dialogue box.

It happens with both versions 5.08e & 5.52. Yet it is fine on my desktop PC. It is only my main HTPC box where this happens. Guess where all my music is stored.

Any other options for achieving my goal???

That’s too bad, IDK any others as my research stopped when I found that one. You could go to http://www.oldversion.com/ and try one of the 2.xx versions of WinAmp.

I am going to copy my music across my network to my desktop PC for ease of work.

However, I have another issue: when I open the directory in Winmap playlist it open the files to a random order instead of the track compilation order. How do I ensure each music directory is opened in proper sequence? I have looked in the menu options with no obvious resolution.

If I have to manually reorder each & every album I’ll give up on my idea :a

I use the WinAmp Library to sort them first. The Library will read the tags and allow you to sort by any field in the tag. So for album order, sort on album; song title, title, etc.

Thanks Oly,

I used my fingers & searched the Help section of Winamp.com to see how to do it.

I appreciate your assistance. I owe you a beer, if we ever meet.

I thought I would show you my image: we make a great looking couple, eh. :smiley:

Not a problem. I found out all this when I got a car MP3 player and started loading disks. You’d think it would be a desireable inclusion to some of the mainstream apps like Nero…