Burn MP3 with the order Iwant

This is probably answered but it’s huge forum and I couldn’t find it :o
I want to burn a cd with MP3 and the order which I want. I use winamp in order to create a playlist but when I import the list into Nero the sord order changes

i don’t think there has been found an adequate solution to this issue. been asked a few times. don’t think any app alllows you to rearrange file order as you like, most arrange in alphabetic of size order. maybe someone can correct me ?

I would have thought that if the file name had a track number as the first 2/3 characters (with leading zeroes) that this would work. It certainly works in Roxio V7.

I got so used to G)-(osters and you had to change that.

Feurio!® allows you to burn audio CDs arranged in any order. The compilation is burned in any order you arrange it.

It may not support the more recent writer models as the software is only updated about once per year.