Burn mp3 to DVD - Play on Oppo 981

I have converted my audio cd’s to mp3 so i can burn them (using Nero 7) on DVD-R to eventually play them on my Oppo 981.

Every mp3 album is in it’s own folder, and i would like to burn them that way.

But this creates a problem:
When i play the dvd on the Oppo, it will play only 1 folder and stop. (“Play all” does not work in this instance)

Is there a way to burn so that the complete dvd (all folders) will play automatically by selecting “play all”?

I don’t want to take the mp3 files out of their folders before burning as the mp3 files will then be burned in alphabetical order, not in album order.

The problem is the Oppo does’nt see the folders as tracks. I have the drive its wonderful. BTW in OCT there is a firmware upgrade hope you upgraded. Im not into this with the Oppo but if done correct the Oppo plays anything. I still use a program called CDR-WIN by golden hawk tech for cd’s which i rarely burn today. Go here and you may get a better answer then im giving you as i do copy CD’s but not into the MP3’s.

Reguards, -gash

thank you for the info. :slight_smile: