Burn MP3 files to a DVD disk that you could play back in a standard DVD player?

I was just wondering if it at all possible to burn MP3 files to a DVD disk that you could play back in a standard DVD player?
What type of software would you use? CD Burner XP Pro? Is it possible to do it with DVD FAB GOLD?
How would you do it?
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So long as the dvd player plays mp3 files it should do.

I know Nero does but I can’t remember if it is CD or DVD.

Yes Nero will burn .mp3 files to DVD. However a lot of DVD recorders/players will play .mp3 files on CDs, but if they’re on a DVD then Philips and one or two other brands may not. It’s a deliberate restrictive ‘feature’, unfortunately.

Nero can but so can Burrrn & it’s free.

So If I understand what you all are saying as long as I can burn a data disk to DVD I will be ok as for buring the disk. If my DVD player will play the disk is hit or miss?
Thanks for the info. I can always get an answer here no matter how crazy my question might be.

Each manufacturer of the DVD player has their own way with MP3.

Almost all will do it with a CD… but only some with a DVD.

If I were you, I would burn them on CD so they are compatable with car MP3 stereo.

I’ve had no luck with any of my 3 DVD players. Of course i can with my pc DVD burners. I have a friend with a cheap Wally World DVD player and he can play most any format with his cheapo one.

Yep the cheapo DVD players are more likely to play .mp3s on DVD. The established brands have to fall in line with the ‘agreements’.

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As for the original question, my Philips DVD player flips out totally if I put in an mp3 DVD. Needs a hard reset just to get the disc out. :eek:

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Yea my ancient DVDR880 recorder as well… he say “No!”

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Some DVD players with MP3 capability will only play mp3s on DVD if a playlist is present. My Pioneer works that way.

I know of 2 apps that’ll do this. Roxio’s Classic Creator (certainly up to V7.5) and Acoustica MP3 CD Burner.

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You can burn mp3 files to a dvd.
First you have to convert them to mp2 using db poweramp or other conversion software.
Then burn using DVD Santa.
Works every time to a stand alone dvd player.
Not sure if it works on a card cd player.
Hope this helps.

Car [I]CD[/I] players don’t play [I]DVD[/I] discs…But thanks for the help and thread resurrection…And WC!..:slight_smile:

We already had discussed that en detail and a simple SEARCH would have revealed that…