Burn mp3 as audio cd with nerolinux?

I tried to burn an mp3 as audio cd with nerolinux, but then “linux filesystem iso 9660” appears as a track on my audio cd (you cannot play that track)!!!
Is it possible to avoid that “track” and to have just the mp3 as audio cd…
I’m a new SusE linux and Nerolinux user so PLEASE try to answer in easy sentences…


Welcome to the forum sonnenkugel always good to see new SuSE users, it’s a great OS and one of the most popular Linux Distro at the moment! I been using k3b and not up to date with Nerolinux but you can find some info on your question in the
NeroLinux part of the forum, most people using Nero in Linux visit the thread and some info on burning mp3 with Nero Here hope its some help and you find the answers you are looking for.