Burn Movies To my DVD Burner

HI ,my name is Jerry;I am a newbie. I have never burned a DVD. Here is my problem. I signed up to Lightspeedmovies.com . I searched and found the movie I wanted.After that I wAS LOST. How do I burn that movie to myLiteon DVD Burner? I have the LiteonDVDRW SHW 160 P6S. XP,512MB ROM,AMD CPU.

Does the movie have DRM? Are you allowed to copy the movie to disc because of restrictions (real not morally)? What burn software? In what way are you lost? What can’t you do? What do you need to know? Have you ever burned any type of disc before?

Got to start someplace.

I remember someone else on the site talking about this website and the outcome was that it was a scam… but then again i might be mistaken…

wow… i just had a look at their terms and conditions… ill let you decide…


Copyright Infringement
Some files contained on these networks are copyrighted works, like popular games, movies, music, and software. P2P software makes it possible to upload and download copyrighted material from the Internet without proper authorization, but that can violate copyright laws and subject you to criminal and civil penalties. Click here for information on how to minimize copyright infringement using p2p applications. For all others, please consult the user guide provided with the application.

Data Security
P2P software allows any user to access the files you place or move into your shared folder. If you’re not careful, files containing your personal and confidential information could inadvertently be uploaded for distribution on the Internet. This could cause a number of problems, including identity theft. We strongly suggest purchasing one of the major spyware applications available or visit our bonus software section for a free version.

Files downloaded from the Internet using P2P software could contain pornographic material. These files may be mislabeled with seemingly innocent names. This can result in users, including children, being inadvertently exposed to pornography. Redistributing files containing child pornography or obscene content can be a crime.

Files downloaded from the Internet using P2P software may contain spyware that can track your online activity, control your computer, or harm its operation. These files typically are disguised and can go undetected. We strongly suggest purchasing one of the major spyware applications available or visit our members section for a free version.

Files downloaded from the Internet using P2P software may carry computer viruses, worms, or Trojans that can damage your computer or cause other problems. These files typically are mislabeled to disguise their true purpose. We strongly suggest purchasing one of the major anti-virus applications such as Norton and Mcafee.

cough cancel your subscription cough

Just to make sure you understand… this program is linking you to illegal downloads. The program is like any other p2p service eg. bittorrent, limewire, kazaa, emule etc, except you pay for it. You should try to get your money back as soon as you can, otherwise they might refuse you.

Never been to that site. Had no idea what it was. I just tried to answer the question that was asked. Oh well :confused:

Let’s pay for links to illegal content on P2P … links which you can probably get from many sites for free, if you are that way inclined :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t anything about that site but in response to your dvd burning question, try this Link Some advice, never use your real email when joining forums, at least not in your user name. Also if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Be very wary about spending money on the internet, it’s very easy for someone to scam you and then disappear.

Yep lightspeedmovies.com is a scam, but if your a newbie then you learn more about P2P clients and torrent sites. Your paying 20 bucks for programs you can get free, but the allure of their website makes you curious.
btw, their technical support is at lightspeedmovies@yahoo.com. You ask them a question and get sent an auto-responder email stating the price of membership again and that you can contact them anytime you want. How nice.

Even though this thread is a bit out of date. You are not paying for the downloads on these services but for the “customer support”, that’s how they protect themselves hence the disclaimer.

You get better supports on the forums for the software in question or their link sites. For example eMule will give you suppport for the client, but like this site does not allow the discussion or help with illegal downloads. Difference as said it is free.

strange that they have a yahoo account…

well they’re not going to have one that can be traced now are they, not even they’re that stupid. :bigsmile:

Poor guy…try to charge back your credit card. That’s an unbelievable scam.

If you succesfully downloaded your movie, I’m guessing you are stuck with an .avi file that you would have to convert to dvd format. It’s not allowed to help with illegal downloads however, whether you paid for them or not it’s still totaly illegal.