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I have avi files on my computer and I want to know If its worth it to burn them to a dvd disk as video files with dvd file structer in order to get better quality. ( I have component cable wich goes out from the dvd to the Lcd television ). Or it just wast of time. Although I can burn them as a data file and watch them on my dvd player.
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How is the quality of the avi? Is the time to convert worth it for you? How bad do you want it on DVD?There are DVD players with avi/xvid,divx capability you know…If you want it on DVD then try with AVStoDVD,FAVC,ConvertxtoDVD…However, you will [B]not[/B] get [B]better[/B] quality as the original source…

I can watch avi files with my dvd player, and the qaulity is fine,the qoustion is, if i burn an avi file as a dvd video file ( dvd struture ) i will get a better quality than just burninig the avi file as data file?

As explained, the quality will not get better than the original source.

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