Burn movie to Memorex DVD-R 16X


I have been trying to burn DVD movie, an iso image, on DVD-R 16X memorex discs and the Sony burner (which accepts all speeds and all types) is reading the disc as “not empty” and fails to burn.
I put in a Philips DVD-+RW 1 to 4X disc and it works fine.
I tried to do the DVD to DVD copy and that too fails.

Please help !


Some people have success with Memorex but overall they are crappy discs. Posting a log may improve things for you but you really need better discs.
Is your firmware up to date?


Most on here will agree with Dialysis1… Memorex is :Z

Try getting some quality discs like Verbatim, TY, or even Sony.

Burn at moderate speeds like 8x - 10x … but never max speed.
Burning at max speed causes pixelation, skipping, and a waste of
both time and money.

Hope this helps.

Alrighty, I will get a different DVD-R and try. Will update the results.

Thanks for the feedback.