Burn more then 700 Mb {to 740 Mb } in CRW3200E

I have YAMAHA CRW 3200E and I need to burn my media more then 700 Mb { to 740 Mb }.
and I have media {disk} that is 780 Mb

so I need to knew how can I write it

thank’s yanivto burn more then 700 Mb in CRW3200E

A few programs will burn until the writer spits the dummy (Aussie idiom ;)), the softapp chucks a wobbly (more local idiom) or the disc runs out of space. Nero has an overburn feature which tells the program to burn until one of the aformentioned disaters happen. More often, it simply works so just try it

What are you trying to backup?
Because when it is a videocd the filesize will be bigger then 700 mb, but it will fit on a cd’r because it uses another kind of error correction then a normal cd rom