Burn mkv to DVD9 for HD DVD playback

I have been reading on alot of forums about how this is done and have been sucessful making a bunch when the orgininal mkv contained mpeg files. I am now messing with some h264 stuff and not having much luck. Anyone here mess around with this and what software have you been using to do it.

Do you want to keep as h.264 or convert to DVD compliancy?
Use MediaInfo on your mkv,and either post a screenshot or post the specs…
It’ll help if you give some more details, as to what tools and methods you’ve tried …

My real goal is to disks that play as HD DVD’s on DVD9 media.

As far as how I am doing it so far. With mpeg stuff it was easy. MKVextract (split audio and video) -> tsMuxeR (convert to .ts file) -> Videoredo(to convert .ts to mpeg) -> Ulead MF6+ (create HD DVD structure) -> Nero 7 (burn folder to disk) I think I can skip videoredo now as the HD powerpack for MF6+ can handle .ts files.

H264 stuff seems to be much more intense. MKVExtract (split audio and video) -> MEGUI (h264 to SA HD DVD profile and add boarders to make file 1920x1080 if needed) -> H264Info (add pulldown to change fps to 29.97 if needed) -> eac3to (take split audio file and convert to AC3 if needed) -> tsMuxeR (mux video and audio file into .ts file) -> MF6+ w/HD powerpack (create HD DVD folder structure) -> Nero7 (burn folders to disk)

Now all these are done provided the original file has been cut to suitable size. Also I have added who knows how many codec readers etc in my fumbling to come up with this system. I am sure I forgot some programs also.

Well if those are your steps,the only thing ,well actually a couple of things I would do differently…
I would create an .m2ts file from the extracted video and audio and then create an .avs script with your resize,add borders etc(if needed).Then use Megui to re-encode only the video,using the .avs script …Mux video h.264 video and audio with tsmuxer to .m2ts or create a BD structured disc…
I rarely have to use Megui, unless my PS3 refuses to play them, or not to correct specs…Oh,and I use IMGBurn not ner0…
Told you it be a couple of things,and not to knock your method…Whatever works right?..
You might want to look at this newer (ala Megui) type proggie,but with more features ,works pretty good,IMO!..

I only have a HD DVD player so I as far as I know I cant do anything with the BD structure. Also I was under the impression that .m2ts is only used when working with bluray and will not benefit me at all with HD DVD disks.

I messed up in my original explanation of what I do. So many steps I forgot the order. MeGUI to create the SA HD DVD file structure with the original mkv file. I use the original file and split the mkv just to get the audio to reencode if necassary.

Dont worry about knocking my method as I am here to see if there is a better way to do things. My way is just what I have gathered from other forums and managed to get to work.