Burn Large ISO files



I am new to this forum…and I have a problem :iagree:
There are several new games i have,and they are ISO images more then 5 GB large,some of them r like 8GB large…
I cant buy here DL DVD’s and I would like to burn those games on 4.7GB DVD’s.
Is it possible ? Can I burn 8GB ISO on 2 regular DVD’s somehow ? Is here any Iso Split software ?
How can I do it ?
Help me plz :slight_smile:
Thank you.


Your best option is to buy the originals.


Those are originals…I just made ISO’s for making backup copy…
I got games from UK,and i wanna make backup copy just in case…


DVDFab Beta will allow you to split plus it will do HD DVD also and Blue Ray update will be coming out soon, you can d/l it and try free for 30 days DVDFAB Platium, go to the FAB forum to get the link for the lates update as the link I listed doesn’t have the latest version listed yet


Fair enough.

I don’t think it’s necessarily that straight forward backing up games. I don’t know if you’ve look in CD & DVD Copy Protection forum yet but that would be a good place to have a look through. Go here.


Thank u all.