Burn large ISO file onto CD

I have a 790 mb iso file that I tried to burn to DVD in Nero. A window popped up and said that the project required a CD/R/W, not a DVD. So I put in a CD only to be told the file size is too large to burn.

I thought I could use DVD Shrink to reduce the size but that didn’t work as Shrink didn’t “see” the file when I browsed to it.

Any suggestions?


What is the contents of that ISO file? Maybe you can split it and burn on two separate discs.

You could try burning the ISO image to DVD with ImgBurn freeware instead of Nero.

That should allow you to automatically “transform” the image type on-the-fly IIRC.

Or buy an 800MB CD…

Thanks all. I didn’t know CDs could be purchased larger than 700mb…I’ll look around for an 800mb one and that “should” solve this problem.

I tried looking for the 80)MB ones and they are hardly in stock…i found none after searching over like 10 stores :confused:


Have you actually tried burning it to a 80min/700mb CD-R anyway? You might be surprised at the result.