Burn large file (3.3GB) to DVD

I recently completed my first movie and want to transfer it to DVD.

As I was making the movie, I saved out small clips (approx 10-15 minutes) and played them in the DVD player to test it and make sure it worked. All was well, until I finished the movie. When I saved the entire movie and converted it to DVD, I ran into trouble burning it to disc.

The default compilation setting is ISO, which is only good up to 2GB. My movie is 3.3GB (50 minutes), so I did a little research and determined I needed to use the UDF compilation, as opposed to ISO. I have Nero Express (which is ISO only), and downloaded the evaluation version of full Nero, so I could use UDF.

When I burned the video to the disc using UDF, I got all the data on it, but the compilation failed and now my DVD player won’t play the disc. The player gives the error “This type of disc not supported.” I tried different combinations of the settings and nothing worked. Arghh!

So I’m looking at using an ISO compilation and either cutting almost half of our movie out, or splitting it between two discs.

I know I should be able to do it – the average commercial movie is 6 or 7GB and 1.5 hours. I’ve only got 3.3GB and 50 min … sigh …

Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

This is my first time here, please be gentle! :slight_smile:


Leave as ISO and use Shrink and DVD Decrypter. And please don’t double post. Welcome to the forum.

the original movie was in what format/file type ? eg., avi, mov, mpg.
how did you convert it?

It started as a MSWMM (Movie Maker) file, and I saved it in AVI format, and then used WinAVI to convert it to DVD (VOB).
The AVI file is 10GB and the DVD files are 3.3GB.

Ok, I’ll try those. Sorry, I didn’t mean to double post. I hit submit, cancelled it and added another paragraph, but didn’t realize it had already read the first post.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for your suggestion - I downloaded Shrink, but it didn’t see my file as being large enough. It gave me the error message saying the file needed to be at least 2.56GB, and my file size is well over that. Please see attached screen shots.

Hey Jenn… Looks to me that you got the wrong Shrink. Go here for the real deal. Then when done if you have any questions on how to run it, G)-(osters has an excellent tutorial link in his signature. I highly recommend reviewing it and continuing from there.

Fantastic!! Thanks for the help! I’ve read a few threads on here, and you guys are so generous with your time! Us newbies sure appreciate it! :slight_smile:

If only the World could operate this way eh!!!:cool:

The AVI file is 10GB ?!

Yep. When I saved it from Movie Maker, I chose the setting DV-AVI(NTSC) to get the best quality. I tried others that made it grainy with poor resolution. Here’s a shot of the AVI file’s properties…