Burn issues



Lately I have only been able to use Verbatim DVD - R discs to make back up copies. I previously had been using other brands like TDK, Memorex, and even Maxell. I recently did a firmware update and now whatever I use other than Verbatim DVD - R won’t play back. I’m using DVDFab HD decrypter and DVD Shrink. The results all say burn completed sucessfully, but if it wasn’t done with a Verbatim DVD - R disc it won’t play in my computer or my DVD player.


Verbatim are (IMO) the best discs you can buy, so it doesn’t surprise me that they work well.

That said, one or two other brands not working so well could be expected (as with the brands you mention, the discs can be manufactured by any one of a dozen different companies), but not every other brand.

What’s the rated speed on the discs that don’t work, and what’s the rated speed on the Verbies?

Also, what burn speed are you actually choosing?

I find that with a lot of “lesser” brands/manufacturers, I have to slow the burn speed down (to 8x if I’m using 16x rated discs) to get a good burn/good playback.

One last thought: what burner do you have, and what firmware is it running? Nero InfoTool will tell you this (free standalone download if you don’t have Nero installed).


Also, since Shrink does not burn, what burn engine are you using? Providing a fail log would be extremely helpful.

I’m in agreement with Arachne that Verbies are top notch blank media (though i’m admittedely a Taiyo Yuden fan :slight_smile: )The others listed however can be spotty.

  1. Make sure your firmware is up-to-date

  2. Use good blank media for the best burns.

  3. Burn at half the rated speed of the disc.

  4. Don’t multitask while you burn

  5. If using the +R format, booktype (assuming your burner supports this function) to DVD-ROM for best compatibility.


I use nero and I always burn at 4x no matter what disc I have. I have a toshiba drive; just recently updated firmware(maybe a month ago). Never faced this before. Read somewhere that verbatim(USA) makes some of the other brands that I mentioned, so that’s why I had been using them(they seem to be on sale more often than the verbatims,but if verbatim makes them…?).


Verbatim is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. Verbatim is used as a brand name for various types of media produced by MCC. They don’t use “Verbatim” in other brands that you have mentioned, though on rare occasions you can find MCC media under some of those brands. Very unusual though.

Memorex can be virtually anything. TDK has gone downhill, and no longer make their own media. Maxell is also very much hit or miss on quality and it is much harder to find Maxell made in Japan than it was in the past. I personally wouldn’t use any of those brands----but there are some here who would disagree with me on that.

If you are using 16x media and burning at 4x, the general consensus of opinion is against this practice. Verbatim 16x should be burned at 8x or 12x in a modern desktop burner. Do you have a desktop or is this toshiba a laptop drive? It might help to know the exact model. Try the Nero InfoTool recommended by Arachne.


Kerry - thanks for respnding. I can use all the help I can get on this one. I have Verbatim DVD - R 16x blanks which work just fine. I have also tried a brand that I found at an Office Depot called Ativa. These are DVD - R 16x too. The Toshiba drive is a desktop burner, it has a few years on it, SD-5371. As I said, I did a firmware update about a month ago. May I add, that until I found how dependable Verbatims are, the above mentioned brands could be found on my desk at any given time. Now I try to get the better brand(Verbatim) when I can find them. I haven’t been at this as long most, so I didn’t want to spend the extra cash on ‘coasters’.


Oh yeah, I didn’t mention; the Ativa brand discs work fine too. Whatever I use, When Shrink pops it out it says ‘Burn completed sucessfully’ but except for these two brands( Verbatim and Ativa ) I get no playback on the computer or the stand alone.


If this drive is a few years old, I might stick to 8x burning speed with it. I cannot find anything related to a Toshiba drive with the number SD-5371 though. Are you sure that is correct?


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2191343]If this drive is a few years old, I might stick to 8x burning speed with it. I cannot find anything related to a Toshiba drive with the number SD-5371 though. Are you sure that is correct?[/QUOTE]

My mistake. Toshiba CD/DVDW SD-R5372