Burn Issue with Nero

Ive been tryin to back up my movies and Im new to this sort of thing.

Im using nero 7 ultimate and when the dvd is done burning and I go to play it, the audio is like 3 seconds ahead of the video. Im getting agrevated…and I have tryed many things to try and fix this with no evail!

:bow: I see theres alot of very knowledgable peps in here and Nero is in many descussions, so any ideas guys? I would really appreciate it!


A log could prove useful… http://www.burningbits.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2985

The bottom one only please and don’t forget to remove your serial number. :slight_smile:

…meanwhile back at the ranch, I’ll assume that your are taking an avi or similar file and using Nero Vision to convert it to a DVD compliant file and burning onto a DVD. If this is the case try another program such as DVD Flick(free) or ConvertXtoDVD (not free, but trial ware) and see if you get the same results.

If you are using Nero Recode to compress your DVD rip, then try DVD Shrink and then burn to disc using Nero or Imgburn…see if you get the same results.

Preash Locoburn,

The information is worth its weight in gold bro....Huaa!! :bow: 

It worked and I can now record my Paintball videos and upcoming 4th videos!

I really apreciate it man!


No problemo…glad you got it working. Happy burning.