Burn *.iso without *.cue

i downloaded an Diablo2beta iso file(diablo2.iso) but i don´t know how to burn it.

i tried cdrwin, but cdrwin needs an *.cue-file. i tested the file with iso-buster and the file looks ok.

please help. do i need an other prg or should i change the file to something else and how do i do that?

Two options that I know of:

Rename it to .nrg and use Nero

Use EZCD Creator w/o changing its extension (EZCD recognizes .ISO extensions, but Nero does not).

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Yooh here it comes: you’ve got yourself an ISO image. If it’s for real, you don’t need the CUE-sheet, you can just burn it with CDRWin (File backup and Tools, Record an ISO9660 image file).
The CUE-file mentioned suggests that you have to rename the ISO to BIN… As far as i know, CUE-sheets can’t be combined with ISO-files. But if ISObuster thinks it’s an ISO, it IS an ISO. So, I’d try the first option, an if it doesn’t work, just use your CUE-sheet (if you have it).


Scorpion’s 2nd option, contents of the cue sheet for cdrwin:

TRACK 01 MODE1/2048
INDEX 01 00:00:00
POSTGAP 00:02:00

Burn It Baby…

BTW; may I ask you WHERE you have downloaded the ISO of Diablo2 beta ? I am looking for it too



Or just use Discjuggler, it burns any isoo with any extension and doesn’t need a cue file.