Burn ISO WinImage with Nero



Ended up with this huge file (ISO WinImage) and want to burn it with Nero. I remember that you’re suppose to change *.*ISO to *.*nrg so Nero can recognise it to burn the whole cd image but I tried to rename it to … .nrg like right click on the file then rename it but nope, it does’nt work that way, so any help from you would be appreciated.


I am not sure on this one, but have you tried it without renaming it?

When you choose “open file”, choose “All Files” and then select the ISO file?

It is something I can vaguely remember, but I could be way off on this one though.


thanx da_taxman for your advise, I’ve tried that before and all it did was copy the same one ISO file onto the blank disc!! I remember somehow that I had the message from the place who make nero and told me to rename it to … .nrg then open the file and then burn it but somehow I forgot how to successfully rename the ISO file to .nrg file


when you burned an image and not the contents on your cd. I’m pretty sure, you forgot one step; selecting >burn image.
So when you start up Nero, choose
cdrom (iso)

now select in menu
burn image
choose "all files "


thanx misha, I did just that but to no available. So what I do is to us winimage to extract the ISO then burn the CD images that has been extracted. Well that’s the lonly run but still it would not become an original CD. Aw well, life’s not easy hehe, but is there any other CD burner that will extract and burn ISO to blank CD? thanx


Use the prog ISO-Buster…works very good;)
It can rip the files out of .ISO, .BIN, .NRG and a couple of others to…:cool:


thanx eKaUQ but when I did just that, it did not become an original CD like with Universal Translator, when I tried to set it up to install, an error appeared saying “This is not original CD”!! So I need to burn straight off from ISO.


Click on File

Click on Burn Image

It will default to the Nero image extension choice - so you won’t “see” your .iso file. In the drop-down box chose the other option - all files. NOW you will see all files INCLUDING your .iso file.

99.999% just accept the default selecion that Nero chooses for data type - and burn away.

I have done this at home, at work, at friends - as have many others. If you actually READ the instructions (they are also on Nero’s page - go figure) and follow them, it will work.


Well, I’ve tried that also with and without a check in “raw data”. Don’t forget, it’s Winimage ISO but somehow I remember long before that I was able to change ut2000.ISO to ut2000.nrg so Nero could burn it to fully cd image but can’t now, mmm wonder how I did it.:rolleyes: