Burn iso to dvd with nero question



okay it is a dvd5 i ripped to iso with dvdencrypter (which i am aware that it can burn).

if i choose to use nero to burn it to dvdr-
what choice do i use on dvd drop down?




or dvd-udf/iso ?

i see lots of older help pages) talking about (dvd-udf/iso) latter but don’t understand it.

which is my best choice if i choose to use nero6?

and next time would i be better off choosing “all files” in dvddecrypter as opposed to the iso choice for above type of rip?

on another note:
i had to un-install winrar 3.20 as it was associated with .iso and would NOT give them up even when unchecked.
so on re-installation i didn’t allow winrar 3.20 to take .iso, but dvdycrypter which was already installed took over .iso this is ok rite? one thing with winrar having it i was able to look inside it.


try dvd-udf/iso
(isn’t there a dvd video choice also)

why not back up and burn with dvddecryptor?

it can do both…and very good. No need to burn with Nero

yes let DVDdecryptor handle the ISO files
it is ok

then you can double click ISO files and DVDdecryptor will start



and yes there is a choice for dvd-video is that the better one to use in nero when burning .iso made with dvddecrypter?

thanx again



dvddecryptor is very good…to read and burn

if you use nero…use dvd-video…it will do


thanx again i appreciate it


That is why i am here for…to help



btw i just burnt it and the only way it can be done i could find with nero was “recorder” >“burn image” which would allow me to pick up the iso image.

all went well.

i guess if i rip as files with any app then i would choose “dvd-video”.

a learning curve i am climbing up :slight_smile:


i still suggest for dvd 5 decryptor to read and write the iso

but glad you learned something