Burn ISO Files?

As I said in a previous post, I’ve only recently started burning DVDs and it has taken upwards of 10 hours per disc.
The files I have been burning were .avi, and I have since been told that this takes so long because the avi files have to be converted to a format which a DVD player can read.

My question is this, if I use an ISO file, is no conversion necessary? Will it burn the discs at normal write speed for .iso files?

PS. Btw, I use Nero Vision 4.

Any help is much appreciated.

An ISO file is a disk image & should need no conversion. Obviously this depends on what it is.

Personally I’d burn these with ImgBurn rather than Nero.

.avi files will need to be converted unless your dvd player supports playing .avi files

It really should not be taking 10 hours, but of course that would depend on your system. Maybe post a NeroHistory log and take out your serial numbers and try to edit it down to the last burn attempt.

You might also burn to the image recorder from NV4 then use NeroBurning ROM to burn the image. Then you would have a better idea of whether it was the transcoding or burning that was taking so long.

its definitely the transcoding, i can see it.
if you think you could help speed it up by me posting a log ill do so.

I would guess different types of .avi files, and there are many, could take different times to transcode. But a log would let us check your system to see if you have anything wrong, like DMA or memory issues. It may or may not help, but it would not hurt to post it. Make sure and take out the serial numbers.