Burn *.IMG in DVD+RW

I tried to burn *.img DVD image files by using the
Alcohol 120% in DVD+RW (which has been changed booktype to DVD-ROM first) but the Alcohol said it is not an unformatted

My burner : LITE ON 811S

I got success in burn from using the DVD-R but still no idea why i can’t burn it in DVD+RW.

Please help!!

Have you tried formating the disc yet?

Use the free program DVDInfoPro (or whatever software you want such as Nero, RecordNow etc) to do a full format and then try again.

If you still get the errors refer to the Bit Setting program thread for more information as it may have something to do with the order that you are doing things in.

Sorry I am newbie. maybe stupid but
would you please tell me I must format the DVD+RW first
for burning either image or data files?

I my last experience from CDR. only Direct packet write
is needed to do the format for disc.

Like I said, using the bit setting tool has some known issues.
As I asked read through the bit setting thread for details.