Burn images with DVDFAb

hi all
i can burn diferent images with dvdfab, like img, iso and nrg files
but when i click on write data, i can only see ISO files
then i need to type . to write other data type

can this affect in some way ??? write other data type, and not only iso files ???

i dont check this frequently, if u can send me via e-mail its nice

Just click on the small folder icon in the Source area if you want to write files from a DVD folder (IFO/VOB in a VIDEO_TS folder). The Target can only be an ISO or blank DVD.

Hi xscorpio,

.img and .nrg file support will be added in next version.

Best Regards,

hi!, thanks for reply
u say will be in next version, but i can burn already that type of images (typing . when i search for ISO file)
yesterday i burned an IMG file
why i can do that ???

it have to see with nero burn engine ???
whats difference berween nero and vso engine ???

I mean you don’t need type . to select them, please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:


VSO is the internal burning engine and it’s recommended.

Nero is very famous burning software and you can use it as well.