Burn Image to disk or use burning rom?

Hi all just wondering which one to use for transcoded files such as avi, xvid, divx etc and also for dvds shrunk using dvd shrink. I have used "burn image to disk for ages after someone told me that was the best way, but loads of people seem to use the burning rom so I am slightly confused on this issue, hope someone can shed some light on this one for me thanks very much.

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If I understand correctly your question you are asking if there are differences in using different burning softwares.

The answer is no. You can use any apps you like.

If you are instead referring to booktype settings, then burning +R media with ROM booktype usually improve compatibility.

Basically what I’m trying to say is do I use nero burning rom or the “burn image to disk option” when I wish to burn a file to disk wether it be a transcoded file after using nve3 or a dvd that has been shrunk, and I only use DVD-r media

Sorry, but your question is not so clear (sorry if I don’t understand all: english is not my primary language).

The option to select depend from the file type. If you have an ISO or a NRG file then in nero you must select “burn image”.

If you have a video DVD obtained after NVE finish its work, then you should have a series of .ifo .buf and .vob files, isn’t it? In this case you must select “New compilation” --> “Video DVD”

Hope this can answer to your question

Thanks for the welcome BTW, I think youve cleared it up for me basically from what I can see the burning rom is a more complicated ui than the smartstart I am used to but they both perfom exactly the same task. Am i right?

Yes. Smart start should be a more user-friendly interface. Actually I find smart start really confusing, and I prefer to use directly nero from its main interface.

It’s only matter of personal choice. :slight_smile: