Burn hangs on Lead-out - media fault?

I have a Pio 212, which has never hickupped yet, burn using Nero 6 (latest).

Yesterday, I was burning a UDF disc in the background. I heard the typical speed-up noise at the end of writing, and then nothing. I was expecting a minute or so of quiet while the lead out is being written, then speed-up for verification. I check the Nero window and noticed it was still in lead out. I could hear the drive reposition the head, and start a lead out again, and again.

I reset the PC, to reset the drive and get the disc out. The next few burns went OK. Then again, I had the same issue.

Blanks used: Plextor TY T03.

In both cases the disc was full, about 50-100MB left. Definitely NOT overburning.

Can this be a problem with the blanks? Or is it drive error? Or Nero (or PC being overloaded, I was running a few programs in the background, but not really stretching the CPU)?


To exclude a software issue you can run a simple test burning a disc with ImgBurn. If it is able to complete the burn and nero still shows the problem, then is a software issue.

A nero log could be useful to discover the problem, so if you can save a log, posting it here is a good idea :slight_smile:

Well, it’s an intermediate problem, so just running one burn with ImageBurn isn’t really going to prove much. I was just curious if anyone’s seen this kind of behaviour before and what then was the cause.

As for the Nero log, next time it happens I’ll post it here., thanks for the tip.