Burn hangs at 99% from time to time using nero


i have a strange prob. from time to time my burning progress hangs at 99%. only a reboot is helping to get things back to work (u cannot access nero nor the writer itself, it isn’t even possible to get the media out of the drive). the real strange thing is that it happened only with nero 6.x(.3.1.25 currently). i have another burning application installed, called ones and it never happened there. unfortunalely, ones is given me less good results than nero, according to c1/c2, pie/pif scans. i’ve thought about aspi drivers (i have the adaptec v4.60 & the ones that came with nero) or maybe another burning-app i might have installed (clonecd/-dvd, alc120%) which could caused this. but if that is the case, why would it be possibble to burn with nero succesfully at random times?

any help/suggestions would be appreciated. thanks

btw. latest firmware and ide-driver are installed.

ok, for those who have similar probs. although i do not remeber having installed any application which could have left those drivers on my system, i found two drivers from pinnacle and one from paddus in my system root folder. obviously those drivers have caused the troubles i’ve had. since i deactivated those drivers with a nero tool you could find here i’ve never had anymore probs.